Everything you need to know about getting a tattoo on your hands

Everything you need to know about getting a tattoo on your hands

Tattooing on the hands and feet is a delicate art - so delicate, in fact, that many tattoo artists refuse to do so. There are some difficulties with these spots, most of which stem from their frequent use in the healing process. Not to mention the irregular surface of the hands and the fragile skin and bone structure, which makes tattooing much more difficult than other body parts, even for professional tattoo artists.

Because you use your hands for almost everything, frequent daily contact with your tattoo (caused by such basic acts as washing your hands) will eventually cause your tattoo to fade and/or blur. This will require further trips to the tattoo studio for trimming, thus spending more time and money on the hand tattoo.

During the first year, your tattoo may need several retouching sessions to look its best. How long it takes depends on how well the tattoo heals the first time, as well as the strength of the design and exposure to wear and tear and the environment. Throughout the life of your hand tattoo, expect many additional touch-ups to maintain the beauty of your body art. Therefore, tattoo maintenance should be factored into your budget.

However, if you are obsessed with getting a new hand tattoo, we can understand. The terror and coolness of hand tattoos is unparalleled.

Tattoo Designs on Hands

When it comes to creativity, the limits of hand tattoos are limitless.

How to find your next tattoo design?

Side Wrist Tattoos

The side wrist is an elegant part of the arm that can be tattooed. Modest but meaningful tattoos on the side of the wrist are becoming increasingly popular among those who want a small but meaningful tattoo. You have to get a tattoo because it's on such a visible part of your body, and if you're proud of it, that's a great place to show it off. Side wrist tattoos are often used to convey personal thoughts, minimal and modest tattoo designs, or just a simple word that remembers that the area is narrow.

Finger Tattoos

Simple finger tattoos are popular among some people. Wedding rings, words and sentiments are tiny, but they mean a lot to the wearer. Although finger tattoos are currently popular, it is actually very difficult to get a tattoo on the length of the finger and the palm of the hand. A modest expression of "faith" on the hand can disappear in a matter of weeks simply because of regular use and duties. If you want a finger tattoo, the palm of your hand and the top of your knuckles are better choices.

When it comes to body art for men, forearm tattoos are a good place to start. Scripted tattoos help a lot in this regard, because tattooing names and scripts on the forearms of leading men is really a Bollywood cliché! This is also a great example.

Both the outer and inner arms are designated as the greatest, most dazzling and symbolic designs for tattoo collectors, while they also provide a convenient opportunity to display or hide the desired piece.

Or you can go the other way and opt for tattoos with shading, decoration and more intricate artistry. Check out this elegant Mr. Bean tattoo. Bold, playful and creative.

Dot and geometric tattoos have a hypnotic effect on anyone who stares at them. Our alien artist has a great combination of symmetry and creativity that makes the whole tattoo look stunning.

Cute animated animals are always on trend. Such designs give a quirky and lively look. These tattoos will surely bring a smile on your friend's face. Not everything in life needs to be serious and stressful. Tattoos like this one remind us to keep our inner innocence and not take life too seriously.

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a paste in a conical tube that is used to create patterns for both men and women.

Initially, it was only used on women's palms and never on men's, but over time it has become increasingly popular among men. Haldi (turmeric paste applied to the skin) and mehndi (nail polish applied to the hands) are Vedic rituals that symbolize the external and internal sun, respectively. In traditional Indian designs, the sun is displayed on the palm of the hand.

With the growing popularity of tattoos in society, designs inspired by the Manheti style or may now become permanent fixtures on the dermis, rather than fleeting like nail polish.

Watercolor Hand Tattoos

These tattoos come with swirls of bright hues that look like they've been painted on canvas rather than etched into someone's flesh, and no doubt you've seen them things before. A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo that uses a texture similar to watercolor or brush strokes of paint. Because the tattoo artist is mimicking the textures produced on the skin by different art mediums, this method requires considerable attention to detail and ability.

For millions of people around the world, their faith is the foundation on which they live. Body art, like the smallest details of family, relationships and everyday life, is viewed through the prism of religion. Adding religious tattoos to your collection is a great way to honor your relationship with God and demonstrate the importance of your faith to the rest of the world.

Many people want religious tattoo designs on their hearts to add meaning to their work. On the other hand, these devotional items can be worn on almost any part of the body, from the biceps to the ankles.

If you like the symbolism and concealment of ink, then floral tattoos are the perfect choice for you. All varieties of flowers are a popular choice nationwide, especially among new clients. They are equally attractive when they expand to cover your entire torso or arms. And, since they often suggest happy emotions (such as love, new beginnings and happiness), you are unlikely to want to get rid of them with a laser in the future.

Realistic or 3D tattoos are very popular and will continue to be popular for many years to come. You know you have a realistic tattoo when your final tattoo looks better than the concept image on the full HD screen. We at Alien are committed to making tattoos look as real as possible.

Unlike in the West, where tattoos were previously associated with crime and gang members wearing them for self-identification, in India tattoos do not seem to be a universal symbol of evil or a rite of passage. People seem to have moved away from butterfly and barbed wire motifs and are now experimenting with new ideas. With tattoos being recognized as an art form, trends such as realistic portraits, nature-inspired patterns, dots, black work and watercolor are being explored. Young Indians, in particular, are increasingly wearing their faith on their sleeves.

Best Tattoos for Boys' Hands - Surrealist Animals

Tattoos depicting wild animals are popular among men and women of all ages.

They are everywhere and can be found anywhere on the body.

Yes, any part of the body. Animal tattoos can be bold and cruel, or subtle and discreet. Decorative and cute, or inspiring and important. Take for example the wild and dangerous creatures that scare us. They are known for their brutality and power. However, we prefer to think that these wild animals are also loving and gentle. The best hand tattoos for men cannot exclude animal-themed tattoos, as men may relate to the animal instincts of fierceness, loyalty, love, and the greater qualities seen in animals.

Ultimately, we tattoo animals because we feel they reflect our innermost selves. Your personality will show through as all tattoos do.

Realistic animal-themed tattoos are amazing because they reveal the animal's personality in greater depth and detail. Take a look at this jaw-dropping portrait, which is filled with dazzlingly rich textural detail. This requires a lot of expertise that only a very talented tattoo artist would have. Don't you agree?

Tribal tattoos on hands

About a third of men look at tribal tattoos before entering a tattoo store. While they may look manly and stylish, they actually mean a lot. (Beyond sheer bravery and daring) These designs date back to the Bronze Age, nearly 5,000 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've searched through the most frequently asked questions about hand tattoos. We've done our best to answer these questions!

What is the best hand tattoo?

The best hand tattoo will depend on your tastes, preferences and comfort level. Some people prefer to keep it to a minimum, while others want an intricate design with microscopic details and colors. Both are valid. You do you.

Do hand tattoos hurt?

The skin on your hands is thinner compared to your arms, calves and back. In addition, your hands have more nerve endings, which can increase sensitivity. However, a professional tattoo artist knows how to safely work around and handle the ordeal of getting you inked throughout the process. Hand tattoos can be painful, but as the saying goes, "you get what you put in, you get what you put out", right?

How long will a tattoo on my hand last?

It all depends on how well you take care of your tattoo and how much contact the area has with water and other surfaces. Hands and feet are easily the two most used parts of our bodies. This is why it is not uncommon for hand tattoos to fade within a few weeks or months. Hand tattoos require proper care afterwards.

Are hand tattoos worth it?

For many people, the decision to get permanent ink is an emotional roller coaster. We've discussed the pros and cons of hand tattoos in detail above. Whether they are worth it or not depends entirely on your opinion. If you've made up your mind and are committed to the idea of getting a hand tattoo and keeping it, then you should totally go for it. The confidence you have in your body and self after getting a tattoo should exceed or equal the confidence and comfort you had in yourself before the tattoo. If you do not feel confident about getting a tattoo in an obvious place such as your hands, you may need to reconsider your decision.

Remember, once you have decided what you want to paint, you will need to find an artist who can work in this difficult area. While most painters can easily work on your wrists, forearms, sleeves, shoulders, back and chest, understanding the canvas that is your fist requires a truly competent expert. It's also a good idea to educate yourself on the tattoo healing process to ensure a smooth recovery.

So whether you Google "small hand tattoos" or "hand tattoo names" to get smart hand tattoos, you know where to get the best instruction and art. Alien Tattoos has an in-house team of professional graphic designers who can help you get the best hand tattoos for you in the safest way possible. What sets other tattoo studios apart from us is that we are a full-service tattoo company. We are the pioneers of India's first government recognized tattoo training school and we specialize in training tattoo artists who end up winning awards at international tattoo festivals and competitions.

What is more important? Even before the Covid era, we put your safety first and maintained the highest level of hygiene.

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