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Founded in 2003, as one of China's tattoo equipment manufacturers, Yilong has been providing products and services to tattoo artists and tattoo lovers around the world for nearly 15years. We have our factories and brands. The products we are proud of include tattoo machine, tattoo needle, stainless steel spare parts, aluminum spare parts, disposable plastic, silicone spare parts, color materials, tattoo power supply, tattoo furniture, tattoo books, piercing jewelry tools and so on. At the same time, we also import foreign high-end tattoo machines, paints and other equipment.

Years of professional manufacturing, sales experience and efforts, let our products get CE certification, and won a large number of loyal customers, become a pioneer in the industry. According to the needs of professional tattooists and students, our production and development team has devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the design and manufacture of accurate, hygienic and safe tattooing equipment and equipment.

We have a full line of machines for manufacturing tattoo equipment Specialized in making tattoo machines and needles for over 20 years, we produce tattoo equipment for many suppliers around the world. We're professional tattoo supply with our own factories and brands.. We can provide OEM service, make tattoo equipment under your brand. please contact us by email.

Yilong Tattoo Supply Co,ltd

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