Tattoo machine - how much do you know?

Tattoo machine - how much do you know?

Currently, the standard tattoo machine on the market is divided into Coil Tattoo Machines and motor tattoo machines, two kinds.

Tattoo machine refers to the Coil Tattoo Machine

Many years ago, when first contacted the tattoo industry, tattoo machines or a large investment in equipment. No matter how crap the machine was, it cost thousands of dollars.

It's not what it used to be. There are many. The price of tattoo machines has come down, but there is not a lot of information that specifically explains the construction and principles of tattoo machines.

I will briefly describe tattoo machines based on years of tattoo practice. I hope it will be useful. Due to my limited knowledge, this is not appropriate. I hope that my peers correct this.

The tattoo machine is called a tattoo gun because it looks like a pistol. It is just a flashy name, and there is no mystery. The structure and principle of the tattoo machine are extremely simple.

In short, the principle of the tattoo machine and DC electric bell is similar, except that the bell is a small hammer to strike the sound, and the tattoo machine is used to pierce the skin of the tattoo needle. Has been marked not to repeat.

The principle is as follows: at the beginning of the school of physics, friends know that electromagnets are energized, and there will be a suction on ferromagnetic substances, which is well understood.

Frame, contact rod, shrapnel and other components of the circuit, the electromagnetic coil to generate suction, attract the downward armature movement, armature downward movement, so that the contact rod and the front shrapnel contact (i.e., contact) is disconnected, the current path is cut off.

The armature is driven back by the rear shrapnel, the contact is closed again, and the solenoid coil has a current flowing through it, attracting the armature to move downward. Vibration, driving the tattoo needle fixed on its vibration.

Tattoo machine commissioning is more complex than its working principle. The purpose of debugging is to get a suitable speed and the right strength, which will affect the speed and strength of the tattoo machine. There are many factors that affect each other.

The first is the voltage; increasing the power supply voltage can improve the speed and strength of the tattoo machine.

The second is the length and elasticity of the shrapnel; the stiffer shrapnel (i.e., the shrapnel with greater elasticity), the shorter shrapnel can achieve a higher speed.

There is also the stroke of the armature (i.e., the distance between the armature and the core of the solenoid coil). The larger the stroke, the slower the speed.

Then the contact rod and the contact strength between the front shrapnel, the greater the contact strength, the faster the tattoo machine.

Contact strength can be changed by adjusting the degree of bending of the shrapnel. The inconvenience is that the adjustment of the contact strength and the interaction of the armature stroke requires repeated tuning.

In addition, the weight of the armature will also affect the speed of the machine. The lighter the armature, the faster the machine's speed.

The working principle of coil machine

tattoo machine

When energized, the current passes through the front shrapnel and the contact rod screw to form a complete circuit, causing the coil to produce a magnetic force, which attracts the armature and moves downward until the shrapnel breaks contact with the contact rod screw and the circuit is broken.

At this point, the coil no longer generates magnetic force, and the rear shrapnel drives the suspension iron to reset to the front shrapnel and contact rod screw. Touch again to enter the next cycle.

Motor tattoo machine working principle

The motor tattoo machine is divided into a tattoo pen, slider motor machine, direct-drive motor machine and shrapnel motor machine.

1: Tattoo pen working principle: the tattoo pen drive is the motor, driven by the motor drive rod, and then drives the needle nozzle up and down, a force greater even.

2: Slider motor working principle: slider motor is driven by the eccentric wheel slider work, the spring on the slider as a shock absorber to complete the rebound work, and the slider travel needle will be more stable. Also a little harder.

3: direct-drive motor machine working principle: the direct-drive principle is the motor (motor) driven eccentric wheel directly drives the tattoo needle to complete the up and down movement, abandoning the complex running transmission parts so that the motor zero load, puncture force more direct.

4: The working principle of the shrapnel motor: First, the shrapnel motor or motor machine. Its biggest feature is that it has the strong beat force and rebound force of the shrapnel machine, as well as the stability performance and rebound force of the motor machine. Shrapnel motor through motor drives the shrapnel and then drives the black iron up and down movement act on the tattoo needle.

Conclusion: a good machine is not as simple as it seems to work, and the production process is also very labour-intensive!

The so-called details determine success or failure, service determines competition, and quality determines everything. Tattooist friends to buy the machine, it is best to buy in a guaranteed business!

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