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Short pen machine Precision DC

Short pen machine Precision DC

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Name of Product: Short Tattoo Pen

Net weight: 97.5g

Gross weight: 245g

Size: 88.5*30mm

Packing: flip box + DC line

Color: 5 colors Black gold circle - brown gold circle - red black circle - gold black circle - silver black circle


1. Interface: DC interface

2. Material: Aluminum alloy

3. Process: CNC integrated carving

4. Motor: Original imported German Faulhaber motor

5. Starting voltage: 6V

6. Working voltage: 8-10


1. It adopts imported motor with strong power and stable performance.

2.CNC integrated carving process, good workmanship, exquisite appearance, smooth and not rough details, small gap between accessories and accessories, wear-resistant, long-term use without deformation.

3. Original design, short pen structure, exquisite style, high grade.

4. New detachable structure, easy to disassemble and install---can be directly unscrewed, view or replace the motor, the middle part can be opened to replace the faceplate or refueling.

5. The new steel ball rotation mode makes the adjustment of the needle more precise, the sound of the rotation is crisp, durable and wear-resistant.

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