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YILONG YILONG tattoo artist professional tattoo machine motor imported black machine

YILONG YILONG tattoo artist professional tattoo machine motor imported black machine

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YILONG tattoo artist professional tattoo machine motor imported black machine

The machine has a medium stroke, with an adjustable hit, and offers fast speed for most Shader work. The machine comes pre-configured in the box and includes the following:

Check out our list of Machine Parts to create additional Symbeos Rotary Machines.

Both RCA and Clipcord connections on each motor.

Durable, lightweight & the highest quality components.

Easy to use - just add your needle, grip & power to start tattooing.

Both RCA & Clip Cord connections off the back of each motor.

Cushion slide comes with 3 different elastomer inserts - to adjust your machine's give from soft, to medium, to hard.

Interchangeable with all Machine Parts so you can run your Lining Machine the way you like:

Change your speed with a different Symbeos Motor;

Change the Stroke Wheel to adjust the stroke length.

Package Include1 pcs Rotary Tattoo Machine (Shader)

Something for every artist as it is the only truly adjustable rotary machine on the market.
Our striper is a fast striper with a medium stroke and adjustable strike. This equipment is used for lining and can handle almost any lining job.
The Rotary Tattoo Machine has a range of parts to adapt the machine to your needs. Different sliders to control your shot, different stroke lengths, and even the ability to change your motor speed.

product details:
Motor: Hollow cup motor
Speed: 11000RPM

What about Rotary Tattoo Machine  cleaning and storage?
1. We wipe with anhydrous alcohol after each use. Anhydrous alcohol can not only remove the dirt from the Wireless Tattoo Machine, but also cool the tattoo machine.
2. After cleaning, wipe it again with a dry beauty towel, keep it dry and wrap it with plastic wrap for the next use.
3. The best way to clean the tattoo handle is to disassemble and clean it. After cleaning, put it in a disinfection cabinet for disinfection and preservation.
4. The tattoo pigments can be wrapped in plastic wrap and kept in the refrigerator to avoid dust and prolong the shelf life and stability of the pigments.

Precautions after tattooing:
1. You can take a shower after 6 hours but only shower.
2. When showering, you can use soap or body wash on the tattoo.
3. It is normal for scarring, peeling and itching after a few days of tattooing. Do not scratch the wound.
Prevent infection or depigmentation.
5. Do not use alcohol or purple medicine to treat the wound after the tattoo, which will destroy the color of the tattoo.
6. Eat less irritating food before the wound heals.
7. Within a week of tattooing, it is forbidden to swim or soak in water for a long time

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